and○ 15 assist●s to l

second◆ half but H○ouston go on to win● 116-104, their sec●ond st

raight victo◆ry in China, which 〓may have been d●isastrous for N●ew Orleans who● are only f〓ocused on Davi

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nical terms. I ●know is just〓 it's an ankle sp〓rain. I don't k●now

what grade 〓it is anything, I ha〓ven't be able to t■alk to the 〓trainers yet," ○said New Orlea■ns Pelican

s co○ach Alvin G●entry. "T

tory on〓 Sunday.He ◆woul

he at◆mosphere was toug◆h after Davis● got hurt, he 〓has kind of t

urned h●is ankle, and th〓en got check■ed up a little● bit. I tho●ught overall it was■ a great tri●p for u

s, we got a ●lot of things

d add 14 poi●nts and

done○. We are ready to● go home," sa○id Houston Rockets● coach Mik

e D'a●ntoni.Please sca○n the QR Code to◆ follow us on I〓nstagramPlease ■scan the QR ○Code to follow us〓 o

n WechatTeam● Canada, th■e

Harden● knows the s◆how must

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the〓ir side, having● never lo

餉nd Houst

  • st a ◆best-on-best t●ournament

    game ever● in the city of ◆Toronto, the si●te of this● year's World Cup◆. And their coach,●

  • Mike Babcock has o●nly won gol

    d○ as coach o■f the red and white.〓And the Canadia○ns have been far◆ and away the best t●eam

  • in the tourn●ament -- un〓beat

    en through four○ games, ou〓tscoring the oppo○sition by a ■19-6 count,■ including a 4-1 w■in

  • over the E●uros in pool play◆,

    but that does n●ot matter n●ow, that it is wi〓nner take al■l."They loo〓k pretty good to m■e

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